slow changes

the sun is higher, stronger

rays call for the green

and then

those rays call for the blue

slowly, week by week

the hydrangea’s colors

answer the suns call

7 thoughts on “slow changes”

  1. We read this little plant poem in distance learning today: The Little Plant

    In the heart of a seed,
    Buried deep so deep,
    A tiny plant
    Lay fast asleep.
    “Wake,” said the sunshine,
    “And creep to the light.”
    “Wake,” said the voice
    Of the raindrops bright.
    The little plant heard
    And it rose to see,
    What the wonderful,
    Outside world might be.

    Your poem made me think of this poem-the call of the sun. It is a powerful one! More material for your hydrangea book. Are you documenting every Sunday?

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  2. I’ve been watching mine too. The summer changes seem to be in a rush this year. Can it really be time for hydrangeas? But there they were this morning covering the big bush with that beautiful blue. 😍


  3. This is gorgeous. I love hydrangeas but do t have any planted. Maybe soon. Your drawings are a wonderful parallel to your words, to your photos. a trifecta of hydrangea art!


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