split show

A pre-dinner scene at The Sherriff home featuring, Megan (15), Grace (19), and Hannah (21)

“What’s for din din?” Grace saunters downstairs. “That Tik Tok pasta Megan made once.” She opens the oven to see for herself.

The aroma of garlic, tomatoes and olive oil fill the house. Hannah and Megan join us in the kitchen. The pot of pasta calls for pre dinner picking. One by one their hands reach and snatch a piece.

“Everyone eat a bite of pasta!” Megan commands as she places her phone behind the stovetop to catch a video. “3, 2, 1!” they chant in unison. On cue we each grab a piece of rigatoni and pop it in our mouths. (Apparently, today is National Rigatoni day. Who knew?)

Hannah steps away from the stove.

“Mommy – check out my split!” Hannah is in a silly, home from college, I’m not adulting, yet, mood. I turn and look down and see her in a half a split with a wince on her face. She tries the other leg and suddenly Grace is down in a full on split to my left and Megan is struggling to get past a runners lunge.

The buzzer breaks the laughter and show ends and I am back to cooking dinner for the cast of The Split Show.

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