barrel of perks

Thanks to The Covid, like many families, we’ve had to make adjustments to not only how we each live our life, but how we live our life as a family.

My husband is working from home. He used to commute to NYC every day. Since March of 2020, when The Covid came, he’s been working from home. In the middle of the summer, his company gave up their office space. He no longer has a view of the Statue of Liberty but instead, he’s got the view of the our garden and the woodchucks that venture out from under our shed and bravely scuttle about our back yard.

We are a lucky, or shall I say blessed, family. We’ve managed to adjust to the home office way of life. As a result there are many perks having Billy home, some of which really do make our lives a little bit more pleasant.

  • Megan has a ride home from school with a simple text. He needs to get out, so this one is a win win. We don’t want him forgetting how to get around or worse yet, forgetting how to drive!
  • He actually responds to our family group chat. He’s even learned how to change the name of said chat (thanks to Grace)and he does that often. “Dad’s Foot Modeling Career is Over” became the name after a doctor visit regarding a bunionette.

Those are just a few. But, for me, the best perk comes on Monday afternoons.

I’ll be pulling up the hill and I just as I reach the top, I see the end of our driveway, I see the empty end of our driveway. You see, early on Mondays, I always bring the garbage and recycling down the end of the driveway. There were many a Monday over the years that upon my return home, I would have to drag those barrels back up to their home. Although a small job, I found it most annoying. Annoyance level elevated by the fact that those three children of mine, who came home before me, walked right past those empty barrels!

But now, thanks to my husband, my return home on Monday afternoon is clean and clear of barrels. He never forgets. He never needs reminding. It just happens.

This, and maybe, just maybe, the fact that he’s home for dinner every night, are the best perks.

10 thoughts on “barrel of perks”

  1. It sure is a blessing to have your better half by your side. A thousand things get done even without asking and it is these little things that actually matter. Stay blessed!


  2. Love this! I didn’t realize you are in NY? I am on Long Island. I love how your husband renames the family chat!!


  3. Yes there have been blessing hidden in this pandemic that we need to embrace. Hopefully we can hold on to these simple – yet big – pleasures long after the virus fades from view. Thank you for sharing!


  4. It’s the little things that mean so much! It’s funny how small tasks can feel enormous to us. It is wonderful when someone lessens the burden.


  5. I can totally relate to the joy of not having to bring the garbage cans in from the curb. (I’m the person who wipes them down with a Clorox wipe since March 2020.) My husband works from home one “garbage day” a month and he brings the cans in on that day. What a gift that is! (It’s the little things.)

    I’m sure giving up the view of the Statue of LIberty was hard, but oh, how wonderful it is that you have him close by now!


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