“Megan, we’re going to Lowes!”

“Have fun!” I could hear the sarcasm in her voice. Every fifteen year old is jealous of their parents as they head off to home improvement land.

Billy and I hopped in The Beast. We were both optimistic that we’d find the carpet that would instantly transform our dining room in time for Easter Sunday.

Before we even entered Lowes, we were immediately distracted from our mission. Billy was oogling at shiny, bright red, Craftsman ride on mowers. He walked the row and when the display changed from Craftsman red to John Deere green he uttered, “Oh, I always wanted a John Deere.” His mind trailed off as I am sure he imagined himself cutting our lawn atop one of those bad boys.

With the tractors out of sight, we found ourselves distracted yet again. This time by grills and patio furniture. “Yeah, I’m getting the grill this year.” Billy assured himself and me. Last year, deep in pandemic living, we talked a lot about getting one. No action, just talk.

Then we found ourselves trying out patio furniture. “These cushions are no good – not firm enough.” he proclaimed. “Ohhh, try this one!” “We don’t need patio furniture.” I say and we both look at each other knowingly. “Let’s go look for the carpet.” I grabbed a few Easter Lillies as we strolled towards the carpets. Minor distractions.

Finally, we found ourselves standing in front of a pile of laid out carpets. I flipped the corners up one by one looking for the one I had spotted weeks ago. With each flip, I held out hope that it stayed and was waiting for us to bring it home. About 12 flips later, I found it. Without hesitation, Billy agreed that it was “the one”.

Now the task of uncovering “the one” from the weight of 12 other 8×10 rugs began. Billy grabbed one side, and I the other. We transitioned from flipping corners to folding halfway. Neatly, we folded one rug at a time. In unison we slid down to one end, rug in hand and slid back to grab another.

When we reached “the one”, we paused, admired it’s pattern and colors. We imagined it in our home. We nodded and then we rolled it halfway up and began folding the 12 toppers back the other way.

In the midst of all this flipping, folding and nodding, a Lowes employee came to stand by us. I thought for a minute that he was there to help. But he just stood and watched. Right as we were about to reach “the one” and free it from the weight of the 12 I heard him chuckle under his mask and say “What a team, yeah…that’s teamwork.”

I laughed and agreed. I think we were his rainy Sunday entertainment.

9 thoughts on “Entertainment”

  1. That was a real show don’t tell scene you wrote. The whole time you were describing the uncovering, I was thinking that it seemed like such a team moment. Totally in sync. Then the Lowe’s guy says what I’m thinking. Perfect.


  2. This post made me laugh. We too headed to the home improvement store (the other one) yesterday. It would have been more fun had we seen a team like you and Billy working through the carpets. My favorite part is the employee standing there watching you two. You could have gathered a whole crowd if you had stayed there long enough.

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  3. Glad you found the carpet and provided amusement for the Lowe’s employee. Don’t you wonder, though, what his job is? Why didn’t it occur to him to help you?

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  4. This might have been an easier task if Megan came along! Sunday Funday. It was meant to be if it was still there when you went back. Hope it’s perfect!

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