Community Sweat

My shoulder is feeling good, I put myself in a low push-up hold. “I see you Ms. Sherriff!” Her scratchy voice booms. “Twenty seconds Mamas!” She calls out to the whole lot of us. “Teeeen Seeeconds!” “Three, two, and one!” Alyssa has this masterful way of making sure everyone at camp is seen, applauded, pushed. She believes in everyone at every camp.

It’s Saturday morning and camp is over. I am soaked and I’ve sucked in my mask too many times. Full Body Conditioning has lived up to it’s name. I am surrounded by others, also soaked, catching their breath, waiting for the mental satisfaction that will come, eventually. Camp is technically over but not really…”Air high fives all around!” She tells us. We know the value of air high five here. Despite the sweat dripping out our eyeballs, we all turn around in our respective boxes, and send out air high fives.

I start most of my mornings at Burn Boot Camp. I’ve been going pretty regularly since it opened. I’ve always been a pretty active. Growing up, I danced for almost 15 years at Miss Judy’s School of Dance. I belonged to a gym when step aerobics was a thing. And I ran for almost 15 years. When I look back on all my “active” experiences, they all had me belonging to a community. Whenever I tell people about Burn Boot Camp, I praise the camps. I praise the variety of exercises and structures. But when it comes down to it, I always celebrate the people, the community. The 5AM camp, also known as the Rooster Crew are the people I choose to start my day with. There’s never a morning where I regret going because I started my day surrounded by dedicated, strong, hard working, supportive and kind women!

When Saturday mornings’ workout ended, I turned to my finisher partner and sent an air high five her way. “Thanks, Joanna!” I said. She rolled her eyes as they lit up. I could see her smile under her mask. “Thank you!” she muttered back and added, “yesterday was my first camp!” I immediately applauded and welcomed her. “OHH, congratulations and welcome! You crushed it!” She took a deep breath and said, smiling under her mask, “I’ll definitely be back!”

New or “old” you know you matter here.

7 thoughts on “Community Sweat”

  1. Not sure how you do the 5 am thing, but I’m guessing the team is part of it. You, however, are an expert at finding a team. I like “despite the sweat dripping out of our eyeballs.” A very good line.


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