The Struggle is Real

There are 8 days to go. If what I am writing now, becomes slice-worthy, there will be seven to go.

Up until this moment, the ideas, the writing have been flowing – 22 days straight. My eyes have been open to seeing – really seeing. My ears have been honing in on conversations and snippets.

The car drafting and internal rehearsal – (aka talking to myself) has helped. It’s been a valuable piece to my process. Some days, sitting and sketching has given back to me, but today, I’m a struggling!

I yelled to Jess as I was walking out “I have no slice!” I thought my confession to Jess and the halls might result in a slice. But, no.

I thought and thought all the way home.



Well, not really nothing, but nothing I could grab hold of, and write.

So, here I am, writing about the current state of struggling and stuck. This is the reality of living like a writer.

18 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real”

  1. Ha! I had a day like this last week, and Peg who also slices, came into my room and offered to slip and fall so I’d have a story. We agreed that just the suggestion was a story enough. Yes! Sometimes there just isn’t anything that seems like a story, even though there probably was something.

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    1. I write poems each morning. Thinking of your post inspired this one.

      You might be the one
      shouting for someone else
      to hear

      that what you thought
      you might write, had now

      so maybe it was you,
      I heard in quiet

      or maybe the voice
      was a whisper
      of me

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      1. That is one amazing poem, Kevin! And to think, when I wrote my slice, it was nothing. Just goes to show that ya never know who is reading/watching! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. I love that you have a community of slicers around you! One year a co-worker and I sliced together and it was the BEST! I feel your pain. I usually slice and then read and comment, but today I’m seeking inspiration.


  3. Yes! I have had great ideas (in my opinion, ha!) and the writing has comes rather easily and now I am struggling. I actually relied on a poster of writing ideas my second graders made to come up with my last slice about thunderstorms. Now you’ve given me an idea to write about this…maybe that will be tomorrow’s slice!

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  4. This always happens to me at least once in March–the day of no slice! I find it so curious how every so often absolutely nothing will coalesce into a piece of writing. But writing about not writing always produces an interesting slice.


  5. This was my day last week. I had a bunch of drafts with ideas I’d saved all month but just didn’t feel like writing any of them. So I just wrote that I had nothing to write.

    But you know what? People seem to read and comment more to those kinds of posts than others that you pour your heart and soul into, lol. So never feel bad about writing that you have nothing to write about! And you’ll get back on track.


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