The “S” Word

“Once my sister said the “S” word!” the words hit my ears as I am walking through the halls. I look up and see a few girls in line. They are bundled up, snacks in hand, for second recess and snack break outside.

I slow down, I want to hear where this is going. I slow my walk. They have my full attention, yet they have no idea!

“My sister said the “S” word…..SALAD!” she exclaims.

“That is NOT the “S” word!” another girl declares. Her name happens to begin with “S. She must be an “S” word expert.

Still not sure where this is going to land, but I am sure that I stall just close enough not to be seen, but where they can still be heard.

“You think every word that starts with S is the “S” word, missy!” girl with “S” name announces, matter of factly and quite confidently.

The conversation is cut short as the class heads outside, leaving me inside.

I am left wondering what S girl, thinks the”S” word, really is, if it’s not salad.

8 thoughts on “The “S” Word”

  1. Oh what a delightful slice about little bitty people! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This made my heart smile. This high school teacher needed that ray of sunshine.


  2. I am finding that eavesdropping is leading to the best slice possibilities these days. I know some people who would totally agree that salad is an S-word. The Arby’s crowd, ya know?


  3. So cute- these conversations. I love the hallway locker talk at KHS. I’ll do some morning rounds next week and see if I can find a slice!


  4. These are the moments when I think about how lucky we are to work with kids. When the S word is salad, we are in a good place! I love that the girl with the S name is an S expert. I often have trouble keeping a straight face when I hear these conversations. Do you giggle?


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