‘right’ little steps

When we came back to in person learning via hybrid model in September, caution and fear was in the air. Math and Literacy Interventionists were responsible to schedule and see each of the children on their caseloads. We were given a K-5 block schedule, that had been created for the district, to work from. We each had the responsibility to schedule “our” kids into the blocks. We each managed our responsibility in a shared document with little collaboration or communication. The schedule was not ideal, but, we were teaching in person. Over the past five months, we have worked out the kinks in the schedule, and reenergized our relationships with children and families. Caution and fear took a back seat to the work we were doing with children.

About a week or so ago, the official word came. Our district would be returning to full time in person learning K-8. We would be returning to full time with a block schedule. We were at a turning point and we found ourselves sitting close with caution and fear once again.

On Friday morning last week, four of us, two math, and two literacy interventionists hopped on Zoom to start creating our schedules together. Jeanne had created an organized spreadsheet with each grade levels’ intervention blocks. We found ourselves talking and creating schedules and groups that made sense for kids. We payed special attention to our double hitters — those children receiving both math and literacy support. Our conversations led to some of us re-seeing children and their groups. I heard, “Oh wait Mark might work well with Avery because he’s good at this and she can learn from him.” Caution and fear had been replaced by creativity and collaboration.

This week, we will begin the transition from hybrid to full in person. The kids are excited. You can hear their chatter and feel their energy. They know change is a comin’. Our collaborative work last Friday has me more than ready to embrace their energy and continue to reignite collaboration and creativity with my colleagues.

6 thoughts on “‘right’ little steps”

  1. Optimism and positivity go a long way. 😉Our kids all came back Jan 4, and I’m loving life again! My second graders are stoked to be back together again. They’re gentle with each other and are eager to do just about anything I ask of them. Have fun, Sherriff!

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  2. more than ready to embrace their energy and continue to reignite collaboration and creativity with my colleagues.

    Count me in. Davia’s comment gives me hope. Once it happens…it will be great!


  3. I love your description, and it really matches my experience, too. I have been cautious and yes, scared, as we’ve made each change, and each time it’s worked out better than expected. I am hoping so much we’ll be able to stay in person, as our numbers here in Haiti are starting to rise higher again. Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


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