The Gift of “get to”

It’s true…every day is a gift.

Today, as I was getting ready, I looked in the mirror and thought, “I get to go to school today. I get to go to school today.”

Today, as I was driving to school, I watched the sun kissed tree tops glow and thought, “I get to drive to school today.”

Today, as I was walking into school, I listened to the sound of my shoes on the tiles and thought, “I get to walk this hall today.”

Today, as I listened and laughed with friends and colleagues I thought, “I get to feel their energy and be with them.”

Today, as I sat across from Paula and Charlie, watching them work and listening to them read, I thought, “I get to be here in their company.”

As the cases rise so do the quarantines. Our school felt a little empty today, but I cannot dwell on the emptiness, there is more to be gained by celebrating the fullness in what I got to do.

I wonder what I will get to do, tomorrow?

4 thoughts on “The Gift of “get to””

  1. This was the line I began the year with, in my post about Rose and her tricycle. We get to… I was so glad to see your face today and be in the company of everyone at school. It’s nice just knowing we’re all in it together, as opposed to the loneliness of the spring.


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