tiny triumph

10:30, morning intervention block.

She sat in the quiet room. Two blond pony tails and one glittery cat ear head band on her head. Her eyes glanced up and then down. Up then down. Checking her letters against the hanging alphabet chart. I watched through the plexiglass. I watched her work. I listened as she sub vocalized which letter she was on. I watched as she pointed and and sung the alphabet, checking her own work. I watched her self correct. I watched her skip a line on her paper. I watched, in silence and learned.

11:15, morning dismissal.

Time to talk, connect and learn. One has garden at home. His family loves to garden. They grow cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini. One is a rubber band – she waits for her bus in a split. One shares stories from swim try outs and practice. Morning dismissal, time to chat with a new fourth grade teacher. Chat and learn about what she learned from coaching work with Jess yesterday, time to listen and learn about what she tried on her own. Time to listen to her questions. Time to listen to her ideas and plan. Time to connect and support.

1:45 5th grade intervention block

An opportunity to push into classrooms. Time for assessment conferences in the classroom. Time to observe Jess model and coach a new teacher. Time to know a reader to see their strengths and plan for next steps. Time to appreciate a quiet community of readers.

On August 27, school started 2020-2021 school year….the Year of the Hybrid. We planned, prepared, as best we could, and on September 8, children filled the school. Teaching and learning is meant to be done in the company of others. We were torn apart in March. For the past nine days, observing, connecting and teaching, in the company of colleagues and kids, has given me tiny feelings of triumph, triumph over The Covid.

9 thoughts on “tiny triumph”

  1. When you stop and reflect, you find there is still a lot of possibility! Thanks for the reminder and the optimistic view of the day. One line that makes me sad- I watched through the plexiglass.


  2. Yay for those moments of triumph! We’re in hybrid mode too, just keeping going every day… Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


  3. Your piece reminds me of a recent prompt from the Isolation Journals, to jot down 10 images from a day. You share a variety of moments/images/snippets of conversation/observations that flesh out the story of your day at this new way of teaching.
    It also reminds me of one reason I value Twowritingteachers blog— to find out what other teachers are doing and feeling. Especially meaningful these days! Thanks for sharing your day.


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