hydrangea story

hydrangea in september


early in summer

beautiful blooms, rich, full, bold

fresh new hydrangea


summer sun beats down

deeper blues, vibrant petals

blooms fade and darken


blue fades to purple

dusty purple petals, crusty brown

vintage hydrangea

11 thoughts on “hydrangea story”

  1. You capture the changing nature around us perfectly. Sometimes it makes me sad, but the next season will bring more different beauty!


  2. I love hydrangeas – blue ones especially – they’re part of my earliest memories. I’ve recently woven their image into a short story I’m tinkering with. I love the way you capture the passage of time with their petals and their aliveness in the sketches. There’s a sense of whimsy and wistfulness in your hydrangea haiku.


  3. Hydrangeas played an important role in my slice this week, too. I really love the way everything is in threes, three lines, three poems, three months. My favorite phrase is the last one, “Vintage hydrangeas.” It makes me imagine a plant with dignity and staying power.


  4. I adore you poem simply because I love hydrangeas and was trying to figure out how to explain the change in their appearance (to myself) yesterday. Your haiku for September captures what I’ve seen outside.


  5. Wow! I could picture each stage and your sketch is lovely. Such a clever idea to show it’s evolution through the summer months. Thanks!


  6. Your hydrangea haiku’s evoked memories of my childhood and how my father applied used tea leaves from the tea pot to encourage deeper blues from the hydrangeas at our back door. The summer sun often frazzled them. As you write- beautiful blooms and vintage plants. Thanks for the evocation of the hydrangea memories and their transmission via haiku.


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