What I Saw

i didn’t want to write

i wanted to sit and see


i sat and saw




the blooming, rogue hydrangea that colors the inside and outside of our home with all it’s shades of purple and blue


10 thoughts on “What I Saw”

  1. Love how our texted sparked two completely different flower pieces today! Our hydrangea are blooming like crazy. You captured them beautifully in your sketches. A wonder what a little stopping and noticing can do…


  2. You are good at sitting and seeing. I love the idea of coloring your house inside and outside! Short and sweet piece.


  3. I need to follow this advice, too. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of our hydrangeas and all the activity on the blooms. Sketching might be a better way to appreciate it, though. I keep trying to get close-ups of the bees and of the way one of our hydrangeas sprinkles a layer of blue snow on the flower bed below.


  4. This reminds me how we do not need to “write” in the traditional sense to be writing. By taking the time to see our world we are taking it in and we continue to create. Thank you for that reminder.


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