Pianist for a Day

“I want to learn to play the piano.” Grace announces as she walks towards the piano. Notes slowly fill the house. Sporadic, thoughtful notes.

“Here’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Start, I think I’ve got this.”

“Go ahead Grahhhs. You’ve got this.” Hannah announces from her position in front of the almost finished pandemic puzzle. I find myself singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star slowly, matching my words to her tune.

Hannah rises from her puzzle and joins Grace on the bench.

More notes fill the air.

“Han! Han! I need you.” Billy calls from his latest pandemic project – a new half wall in mud area.

“Wait. I’m coming. Grace and I are harmonizing on the piano.” She laughs. She knows her use of the word harmonizing should be taken lightly.

The piano notes and drilling create a symphony of sounds filling the house.

Grace announces her next attempts – “Old McDonald. No, no, Amazing Grace.”

Oh, I love that one!” Hannah breaks out in song, “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound….”

The first few notes make their way to our ears. Hannah sing while supervising the construction, offering moral support, when necessary.

“Got everything except the G sharp.” our budding pianist announces when Amazing Grace ends. “I know, how about some Bruno Mars. Let’s play some Bruno Mars.

The symphony continues for a few more minutes.

Grace comes back into the kitchen, having abandoned her quest to learn the piano, “That’s enough piano for today.” she declares in an english accent.

Grace did not master the piano that morning. Yet, I know, she will continue the quest to learn the piano, or anything else for that matter, while mastering the art of entertaining us all with her curious, playful self.

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