the window


I’ve moved into the guest room.  The folding table, now a desk and a table for teaching and learning.  My easel is behind me, books beside me.  In front of me is a window that frames a piece of the backyard.  When I look out a window, it always appears everything is touching.

We are in week four of our #thegreatnotebookchallenge at our school.  Each Tuesday, we post invitations for all members of our school community to get off their screens and into their notebooks.  This week, it was Peter’s turn to create and post the invitations on our flipgrid and out to our community. In his clip, he modeled and invited us to list (that was after a comical introduction to the essential tools one needs for notebooking). I accepted his invitation.

Out the window, from far to near, I see

the clouds moving at a snails pace

touching the bright green, still growing leaves 

touching the monstrous pine tree 

touching the shed, built by Billy

touching the bush that was moved and replanted

touching the pipes of the pool filter

touching the fence that protects the pool and people

touching the empty lounge chairs

touching the pots, filled with soil, waiting for flowers

touching the hydrangea bush, emerging from dormancy 

touching the lower right pane of the window just outside

touching the freshly cut flowering branches, inside

touching the computer 

touching my fingertips

that bring this list to life

4 thoughts on “the window”

  1. I think I need to watch your SES videos for some inspiration. I love the perspective and bringing it back to the outcome of writing. It reminded me of the picture book Zoom- going from larger to smaller.


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