Friday afternoon, I ended my week with a collegial google meet.  We laughed at the amount of “I don’t know”s that were spewing from our mouths.

I don’t know” is  a theme that emerges from many meetings and this one was no different.  Navigating the uncharted waters of distance teaching and learning, with no past experience, no navigation to guide us, we brainstorm ideas and plans to help us make our next steps but in the absence of certainty, the sentiment of “I don’t know” always speaks.

Wrapping my head around the present, and imagining the future of teaching and learning, in combination with the repeated,”I don’t knows” has led me to hold on to what I know and pushed me to wonder, what if?

I know children need children.

I know teachers need teachers.

I know children need teachers and teachers need children.

I know teachers need hallway conversations.  Ideas are born in the hallways of our schools.

I know children need books – books to hold, to turn pages back and forth, to linger at pictures.

I know children need hands on experiences and play to grow their curiosity.

I know children need art, music, PE.

I know we all need the relationships and opportunities that are born and fostered in schools.

Because I know…I wonder….

What if we imagine the reentry to school in bits and baby steps?

What if we imagine organized rotations of children in schools?

What if we imagine teachers holding google meets from their own classroom?  

What if we imagine every child spending at least one day in school per week, sometimes two?

What if we imagine all teachers going to school every day.  What if they taught a small class of children once or twice a week and held cyber class/groups two or three days per week? 

What if we started with baby steps, rotations of children with teachers there to greet them?

What if we imagine and plan for the safe reentry to school in bits and baby steps?  

What if we imagine and plan for bringing people – life – back to the schools?

The “I don’t knows” and the uncertainty of when we will be together, in our buildings, all in the name of teaching and learning together whirls in my mind.  Creating a vision of baby steps calms the swirling and I see a vision of what might be possible.  That vision breeds energy and hope.





6 thoughts on “Knowing”

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is when we share our vulnerability that we learn most from each other and those “I don’t know’s” give way to “hmm let me try’s .” I appreciated your words.


  2. Being in the position where I am already in real daily conversations of what re-entry will look like, this came at a good time for me to reflect on your thoughts. We have many of the same wonderings, but each time I think about these ideas more, I just can’t believe where we are and what I am thinking about. I am trying to hold on to my hopes!


  3. Thank you for showing us that “I don’t know” can lead us to “what would be possible if…” Loved your phrase, “…in the absence of certainty.” I think those of us that typically feel certain and confident about our work are experiencing that strange and unfamiliar feeling of not knowing…and that feels so weird. But you turned it around! Thank you for your optimism:)


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