I’m standing in the front yard. I’m wearing my brown corduroy pants and my yellow Sluggers shirt.  Red striped, white leather, Nike sneakers on my feet.  Sluggers baseball hat on my head.

Before we head off to my softball game, Darren and I decide we should roll. “Log rolls!”  4 year old Darren screams.

I lay down on the grass.  I raise my arms up and realize I need to take my hat off of my head.  Log rolls and baseball hats do not mix.  I toss the hat on the front stairs.

I reraise my hands over head and stretch my body as if making myself longer will increase my velocity, improve my roll.

I rock back and then let myself succumb to the incline of the front yard.

The world rolls round and round as my 12 year old self tumbles, tumbles on the thick summer grass.

10 thoughts on “Tumble”

  1. When I first started reading, I couldn’t picture you wearing brown Corduroy pants right now… I read on to confirm my prediction that this was a story from the past. What made you pull this moment out? Such a carefree moment!


  2. “as if making myself longer will increase my velocity, improve my roll.” I’m pretty sure this is “best practice” in log rolling. There’s no “as if.” In fact, as I recall, it takes some guts on a steep hill. I like your care for the hat, too. Perfect word of the day example.


  3. This post is just filled with a feeling of freedom and carefreeness (may not be a word, but I like it) that we desperately need right now. I love it, and I love the way you crafted it. I can see the outfit, you taking off your hat, throwing your hands in the air, and rolling away!


  4. I thought right from the start it was an older memory but wasn’t sure where it was going and loved where it went. I have actually loved capturing some of the older moments best. Glad the word helped bring back such a fun memory!


  5. What a fun carefree post. Your description was so vivid I was quite surprised this was a memory. I say that because just a few years ago I taught a foreign exchange student how to log roll down a huge hill! Quite fun for this 59 something year old person!


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