Saturday, I found…


time to sleep later

time for a long walk with Billy and the pooch

time to sort through old cans of paint in search of the right color

time to listen to a father and a daughter chat and laugh and plan while they paint

time to bake and savor the smell of birthday in the house

time to sift the confectionary sugar so frosting would be lump free

time to leisurely make the birthday meal

time to hear Grace deliver one liners at the table which led to…

time to linger and laugh so hard our stomachs hurt

time to watch the streets fill with walkers, runners, and pooches

time to spy

time…a gift that gives

7 thoughts on “time”

  1. This is such a lovely celebration. I love the line “time to bake and savor the smell of birthday in the house.” I wrote about natural celebrations today ala Byrd Baylor, but you’ve reminded me to look within the walls of my home as well. Thank you! (and Happy Birthday to the birthday boy or girl!)


    1. I loved that line too. The repetition of time works here and gives us a glimpse into how you’re spending you time… slowing down and savoring your family. I still miss you.


  2. Like other comments above, I too was struck by the “smell of birthday in the house” as well as the fact that sifting the powdered sugar is perhaps a step we skip in the name of efficiency most days.

    Thanks so much for sharing today!

    While I am commenting from my wordpress account, I am participating in SOLSC here:


  3. Love this, Dawn – celebrating the gift of more time. “Giving you the gift of time” is a phrase so many professional development facilitators say these days until I have grown weary of hearing it; it’s so artificial. But here .. here you show what a real gift of time is, and how to use it savoring simple moments. And – I had to laugh at “time to spy.”


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