“I keep forgetting.”  Hannah smiled and kept dancing.  She was referring to her birthday.

We were all outside, on the patio.  The fire pit was crackling.  Megan was playing cards. Billy was putzing about collecting more sticks.  Grace and Hannah were Tik Toking.

“So what do you want for your birthday dinner?”  I asked reminding her again, that her birthday was tomorrow.

“Grace, show me how to throw it back.  I look so silly.  Help me.”  She was in the moment, in the moment with her sister.

I watched as they laughed and danced and threw it back.  I watched, thankful.  We weren’t in Vermont, skiing, like we had planned, but we were home, together.  What better place to be, than home together, celebrating her birthday.



5 thoughts on “20”

  1. Moments to share, record so that when all this is said and done, you can look back and remember how your life continued to be lived in the midst of altered times. Enjoy your birthday celebration!


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