“Hope you all got your toilet paper!”

That’s how the priest started the homily.  Our bishop has given all Catholics a dispensation for attending mass during this “situation”, but Hannah and I decided to go to mass.  This would be our outing for the day.  One hour to give thanks and pray together.

I chuckled at his opening comment.  There were a significantly less number of people in church.  We had our own pew.  The pew in front of us was empty.  The pew behind us was empty.  Clearly, our community was respecting the calls to stay at home and practice social distancing.

During the homily, I noticed the alter was decorated with a large branches, budding branches in a vase.  I thought, “Those will bloom.”  I noticed, there was only one alter server. I noticed Father Peter and the Deacon were keeping space between them as they led us in prayer.

Then, I noticed the voices.  The voices were loud.  I scanned the church again.  There were significantly less churchgoers than normal, yet the voices were louder.  The singing, the praying, the responses were louder.

Louder for the world and everyone in it.

11 thoughts on “Stronger…Louder…”

  1. Nice slice of life. I felt I was there in the pew with you. I wonder why the voices were louder. Maybe to make up for the fact that there were fewer people.


  2. I love the message here- we need voices praying. We decided to watch church on tv for the first time ever. I can’t say it was a beautiful experience. One of the kids actually said- you should write a slice about this!


  3. Louder for the world and everyone in it.

    Love this. The helper in me feels a little lost. This, and Elena’s post today, remind me there are things we can do. Hooray for these loud voices.


  4. This seemed like an act of protest, this singing aloud, this reminder that we’re still here, not going anywhere, despite the circumstances. I’m glad there was hope to be found at mass (and social distancing, to keep you healthy!).


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