Sometimes I sketch to find the words…


Sometimes the sketch breaks me out of ordinary thinking…


Sometimes it’s the colors I see that pull me towards seeing and finding words…


I conquer the blank page with seeing and sketching…


10 thoughts on “Sometimes”

  1. How fun to have a peek into your notebook! I love your sketches. The last one in particular reminds me of a prompt I read recently to “let color be your guide” and “sensitize yourself to the color in your surroundings.” Perhaps this is another nudge for me to do just that!


  2. I used to sketch much more than I do now – I loved drawing and worked on it for hours. Whereas writing pulls my brainpower to focus with laser-like energy, pulling thoughts into something of substance (i.e., intensive but fulfilling work), sketching eased my brain.Yours are beautiful and compelling, in appearance and in how they guide your creative process.Like a ray of light, beckoning.

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  3. Also: I am reminded of many students who needed to sketch in order to be able to write, even when it was for research, etc. They had to see the parts before they could see the whole and drew flow charts, cartoons, etc.


    1. So many of us could use the visual. Dr. Marvin Chen, a Yale professor who has done significant brain research, share that vision is the most dominant sense and it is fully developed by age 5. Knowing this, I often wonder why we tend to take away the visual – drawing, sketching, seeing – as a piece of the writing process once children know print.

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