Be – my 2019 OLW

It has served me well.  I held it close.  It helped me reflect on days in the simplest of ways.  A few months, I even kept track of my be reflections.

But when I think back on the year, November 7 was the day that be made it’s presence known.

I got the text I knew was coming.  I left school.  I stopped at home.  I packed a bag not knowing exactly when I would be back home. Calming conversation with myself filled the two hour ride – “It’s OK if I don’t make it.  If  I am meant to be there, I will be there.  If not, oh well.  It’s all good.”  Tears would well up.  At times I would push them back in.  At times I would let them fall.  I drove on.

I walked in the door and I could see my sister in the back family room.  I gave her a questioning look.  She smiled and nodded and I knew I had made it.  The house was filled with family.  We surrounded my Dad with unending love and laughter for six and half hours.  We raised a few shots of Mr. Boston Ginger Brandy in honor of him, in honor of us, his family, his pride and joy.  When the passing was imminent, shortly after 6:00 pm, my Dad’s family encircled him.  I sat on his left, close to his head.  Close to his heart.  I held his hand and felt the pulse fade.

When I think back to that day, I am filled with gratitude.  It was a day filled with love, family, and many blessings.

I had made it.

I was there.

be there


6 thoughts on “Be”

  1. What a powerful piece, beautifully crafted and filled with so much emotion. It is such a privilege to be there for someone you love’s last moments but also so hard to say goodbye. I am sure your dad felt surrounded by love and what a beautiful way to send him off to that better place we all hope to find. Your word was the perfect one.


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