it happens

i am stuck

with a blank page

before me

megan is beside me her face hidden by the blue chrome book case


maci is sprawled out on the carpet


her sprawled out toys nearby


the oven hums in the distance


i look

i listen

the page, no longer


i am no longer


“We live in a noisy, busy world that shouts for our attention.  We learn to screen out stimuli in order to perform the normal tasks of daily living.  The problem is that we become accomplished at ignoring our senses. We look but we don’t see.”   Donald Graves






5 thoughts on “it happens”

  1. I agree with Clare – the way the poem shows your process, the way it is a reflection of the quote – this would be great to share with students. I’ll keep this post in mind the next time (like tomorrow) when they say, “But there’s nothing to write!”

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