The Gift

“Grace!  Grace!  You want to go to CVS?”  Billy yelled hoping Grace would hear wherever she was.

I had just returned home after being called to be with my family to sit by my Dad’s bedside.  It was long day, filled with blessings.  I made the call from my parent’s house to let Hannah, Grace, Megan and Billy know that my Dad had gone home to heaven.

I was welcomed home with long hugs and teary eyes. I recounted the beauty and laughter that filled his last day.

“OK, Dad! Let’s go!”  Grace finally found her shoes.  They headed out the door leaving Megan and I alone.

I turned to pick up my bag, Megan walked towards me and burst into tears.  Sobbing, heaving with sadness.  I dropped my bag and held her. Tight.  I held her and felt her heart racing.  Her tears wet my cheek.

“He loved you so much, Megan.  He loved watching you play soccer, he loved playing Sequence with you, he loved just being with you.”  She held tight and her breathing calmed.

“Remember what he said a few weeks ago.  Remember the ice cream road trip?”  I kept talking, filling the silence with a memory.  “Remember what he said as he stood in the door by Gramma.  He said, ‘Thanks for coming!  You made my day!'”  

Megan’s sobs turned to a teary laugh and she stepped back from me, calming herself.

I know, with time, that the memories of my Dad always loving, living, and laughing with all his heart will live in not only Megan but all who had the gift of knowing my Dad.






5 thoughts on “The Gift”

  1. The best gifts. You also know the gift of these stories. How sweet to fill that sad moment with all the gifts. I’ve loved reading about your dad here, hearing your stories in real life, and seeing the joy in your face as you shared. Thanks for sharing your dad with us. I have a feeling you share more of him with us than what we learn in your stories. I see him in you. ❤️


  2. Having strong memories of someone who loved us is such a precious gift. It takes time to heal from losses, that were filled with great love, like this.

    May your father’s memory always be for a blessing.


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