Just Look At Her

“Dawn!  Dawn!  Come quick!” 

I rise slowly from the couch, coffee in hand and take a few steps to look out the slider.

“Just look at her!”  

“Just look at her!” 

I’m looking at Maci laying down outside.  She’s not in one of those peculiar paws in the air, belly up, I’m a contortionist pup positions.  She’s just laying there.

“Just look at her, Dawn!”

“I’m looking.”  He nudges my arm, nudging me to get what he is seeing.  I don’t.

“Dawn, Dawn, she’s poolside.  She doesn’t want summer to end.”

His narration of our poolside pup changes my view.

“I couldn’t agree with her more.”

“She probably wants her orange ball, too.”

10 thoughts on “Just Look At Her”

  1. Love the repetition in this piece. I think sometimes we discourage kids from writing the same thing over and over when it can actually be a powerful technique

    Maci and I are kindred spirits. I don’t think I’ve EVER been ready for the end of summer.


  2. I don’t see
    what you see –
    what you notice
    seems so different
    to me — but can we
    at least agree
    that our eyes
    behold these days
    filled, as they are,
    with minor mystery?

    — poem as comment, honing in on how we don’t always see (right away) what others see

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  3. I think Billy’s projecting a lot. I’m with the orange ball interpretation for Maci…but I’m with Billy on the sentiment. This is almost a haiku of a slice: an image, a feeling, a twist at the end.


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