A First…

“Megan!  I want to try!”

“In a minute Mom!”

Dusk is settling in.  I want my turn before it’s pitch black.  One should always attempt something new at 49 years young while there is still some day light.  While I wait my turn, I watch Henry and Megan zip and zoom around.  They appear to exert no effort, no thought, as they zip and zoom and twist and twirl.  The urgency to have my turn ramps up.

“C’mon, Megan!  Can I have a turn now?!”  I am no longer sitting by the fire pit.  I am standing ready to do whatever it takes to get Megan off so I can get on.

She zooms right over to me and hops off.  Now, it is before me and I need help.

“OK, Meg, how do I get on?” 

She demonstrates, like a good coach, “Put one foot on and then get the next foot on fast, Mom.  You can’t leave one foot on and just get your balance.  It’s gotta be fast.”

“You sure you shouldn’t be wearing a helmet?”  neighbor Tom, apparently witnessing the initial lesson, comes over to lend a hand or maybe it was to prevent a fall.

I process Megan’s directions and gently hold Tom’s arm.  I’m on!  I’m not really zipping and zooming like I imagined I would…yet.  I spread my arms to balance, I will not fall, I will move forward.

“Lean Mom!  Lean forward!” Megan continues to coach.  Her words coated in giggles.

I let go of Tom’s arm and shoo Megan away.  I look ahead.  “Look in the direction you want to go.  Look forward.” I coach myself.  I lean my body forward.  Slowly, I am moving.

“I GOT IT!” I yell imagining all my neighbors watching my new found budding talent.

Megan stays near me.  Laughing at my lack of talent.  “Shouldn’t she be celebrating my successes – I got on.  I have not fallen.  I am moving.  I haven’t crashed into anyone or anything.”

“OK Mom, your turn is over!”  clearly she is not forseeing anymore progress in the immediate future.

I, however, feel the progress with every turn of the wheel. “Not yet, Megan.  I just got on.  I got this.  I’m going to fast.”

“Well then stop being so stiff and lean forward!”  Her directions coated in giggles are now commands oozing with impatience.

I continue rolling around the culdesac.  I move from the game of Corn Hole to the fire pit to the tables covered in food. I turn around and make my way over to Tony at the grill.  I got this.

“Alright Mom.  It’s my turn now.”  I can sense it’s time for me to hop off but I know I shouldn’t just hop off.  There is more to it, I observed Henry and Megan, I know because I watched.

“OK, Meg, how do I get off?”

“Hop back. DON’T hop forward.”

I bring my record breaking speed to halt and hop off the back of the hover board, following Megan’s clearly stated direction.

She quickly hops on and zooms away.  She zips and zooms and twirls.  The blue lights shining in the dark that has settled on our Block Party.

I watch and know that I looked exactly like her…well, maybe not exactly.


8 thoughts on “A First…”

  1. I pictured this whole scene clearly! You capture yourself well… Megan too- all the giggling! Here’s another trick you can practice with Wren… she tried the hover board at my sister’s… she did wear a helmet though.


  2. I was a little worried at the beginning when you first got on and your neighbor asked about the helmet! The ground is hard and farther away than you’d think, even when you’re not moving. I loved how you captured your relationship with your daughter in this small moment– although a larger moment than SHE would have liked! Good for you for trying. How crazy is it that those hover boards are SO much harder than they look!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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