Porch Swings and Couches

The five hour ride from Connecticut to Vermont was littered with traffic, but we made to Debbie and PJ’s.

It’s Saturday.  Late afternoon.  Sitting on the porch swing.  Uncle PJ and I are car watching.  The cocktail of car watching and porch swinging  is the perfect antidote for that trafficy car ride.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll head an hour north for college drop off. 

“So, is Hannah excited to be going back to school?”  PJ asks as a caravan of motorcycles passes by heading over the mountain towards Middlebury.

“Yeah, she is.”  I say with pause.  “Yeah she is, but I think she has gained a new appreciation for home this summer.”

“Oh really?”  PJ voice rises with curiosity.

The door creeks open.  Hannah joins PJ on the swing.

Feeding PJ’s curiosity, I add, “Just the other day, Hannah said she wasn’t ready to go back and I asked her why and she said….”  I lean forward and eye Hannah with a grin “Go ahead, tell PJ why you didn’t want to back.”  I laugh a little.

Hannah joins in on cue with a smirk “It’s cold, the food isn’t very good, did I mention it’s COLD??  And there’s no couch.”

PJ bursts out laughing, “NO COUCH!!??”

PJ settles himself and turns to Hannah, “Well, Hannah, now that you have a car and you are an adult, you can always come here and get your couch fix.”

“Thanks, Uncle PJ.”  Hannah replies with a smile that says more than thank you.

Sometimes, knowing there’s a couch nearby, reserved for you, is just the comfort a college girl needs.



9 thoughts on “Porch Swings and Couches”

  1. So true. Your couch is pretty cozy. You’re raising some good eggs. You’ve got it all in this piece. Bits of description, snippets of dialogue, and feelings. I hope all your girls always appreciate the beauty of home.

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  2. How lucky that home is but an hour away for your college girl! And a broader definition of home, at that. I don’t think I started to appreciate the meaning of extended family until I went to college…and realized they could be “home”, too.


  3. This post is so filled with warmth and love. The warm feeling of being on a porch swing, kicking back, watching the cars and motorcycles go by, and then the conversation with Hannah and her need for warmth, good food and a couch. It says so much about what we value! Everyone needs couch time!


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