A Road Trip Moment

Holly has been in our family for 14 years.  She has been loved since the minute we brought her home.  

“Hey Megan.  What year were you born?”  Billy seeks confirmation that he knows her birth year.



I look over towards Billy.  I can see the wheels turning.  He’s thinking.  His question appeared to come out of no where but I can see that it did not.

We are on our way to Rhode Island to my sister’s to celebrate Father’s Day and surprise my sister with a housewarming gift.  With every bump, you can hear the grill speak in rattle reminding us that he’s there.  We are following Holly.   Hannah is driving Holly because Grace has to leave from my sister’s to head to Staff Week at the camp where she will be a counselor this summer.  Two cars, so we all can celebrate my Dad, Grampa.

“Hmm.  2006.  Grace was born in…”

“2002 and Hannah was born in 2000. All even year babies 2000, 2002, and 2006.” I finish his sentence to help whatever it is he is processing. I’m not sure where his questioning is headed but I’m taking the ride to find out.

“2000, 2002, 2006.  That means that Hannah was 6 and Grace was 4 when Megan was born.  They were 6 and 4 when we got Holly.”

“Well, technically, Hannah was still 5 and Grace 3 but yeah.”

He doesn’t appreciate my attention to detail here.

“So that means…” he’s about to reveal the point here and I’m ready.  Megan is silent in the back.  I think she abandoned his train of thought at the “Hmm.  2006”

“So that means that Hannah has sat in every row of that car.  She sat in the third row when Megan was born and we had two car seats. She sat in the middle row later.  Now, she’s driving the car.”  I look back over at Billy and I can see this grin come across his face.

The car he was following had him on his own trip down memory lane.  Following his oldest daughter from her current position in the drivers seat, to the middle to the back where she started.

Holly Honda has been with us for 14 years.  Not only has she been loved, but she’s loved us back.

6 thoughts on “A Road Trip Moment”

  1. Glad to know others who name their cars. We had an Odyssey named Otis, a Toyota named Tony, and my first car Donny Dart. I like the way you let us guess along while Billy’s wheels turned.

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