Maci in the Morning

I walk in the door at 6:19 am, take off my coat, hang it on the back of the chair.  Maci has acknowledged my entrance with a lift of the head.  That’s it.  A lift of the head.  No tail wagging.  Just a lift of the head.

I put my phone at my breakfast seat and head to wake Grace and Megan.

The sound of the gate opening is enough to lure Maci from her bed.  I hear the tapping her nails approaching.  By the time I have folded the gate back, Maci is by me.  She looks at me.  Waiting.  “You can go.”  I tell her.  She continues to stare at me.  “Really?  I can go?”  her eyes say.  “Let’s go.”  Her head tilts to the side.  “Really?”  “Come on, Maci, girl, let’s go.” 

I make my way to the bottom of the stairs and stop.  She stops, too.  “Go ahead.”  I tell her, motioning my hand for her to go on.  She stands there, looking up at me, still unsure if she can really go.  “Go ahead.  Go ahead.”  I usher her to go ahead of me.   Still she stands, waiting for me to to make the first move.  I place one foot on the bottom stair and suddenly,  she pounces ahead of me up the stairs to rouse Grace and Megan for school.


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