Ducks and Doves


We have a beautiful courtyard at our school.  We have talented and giving parents who tend, garden, and care for our little nature preserve.  I kid you not that it is a nature preserve. Each year we have ducks that nest in various protected corners.  We are happy that the ducks choose us as their home.  It means we can watch through our beautiful windows as the ducks sit day after day.  We marvel at their patience and commitment to nesting.  The ducks have become part of our school’s identity.

I think it was last year that we also noticed that a pair of doves had also chosen our courtyard as their home.  Unlike the ducks, the doves are more visible and not camouflaged in with the leaves and other greenery.

Yesterday was a half day for parent teacher conferences.  The buses were lined up like ducks in a row. Grades were dismissed one by one.  I watched out my window as the kids filled up the sidewalk in search of their ride home.

I was startled out of my dismissal observations when I heard a voice.  “There are doves nesting in the trees!  They are so beautiful!”

I rose from my stool, took one more glance at the kids headed home and headed out my door towards the courtyard windows.

As Diane and I walked by the courtyard to the nesting tree, I chuckled and said, “The doves and ducks will always get me up.”

Of course the doves weren’t home when I came to take their picture.                                                 Hope they come home soon.




7 thoughts on “Ducks and Doves”

  1. There is a little enclosed courtyard outside my room. It’s mostky tended to by me and a few others. I really enjoy it. My best fellow tender is retiring. I’ll miss the time we spent out there together.


  2. Doves & ducks! We have deer, wild turkey and assorted other critters. Nothing stops a 7th grade class quite like a flock of turkeys!


  3. I love that your school nurtures and supports this courtyard. I can just imagine the excitement about each new development with the ducks…and now doves, too! We had Canada geese on the playground last week and yesterday a bald eagle flew over. Last year our pre-K teacher put up bluebird boxes and by late spring, we had bluebirds swooping all around. Such wonders and so important to share with kids!


  4. Spring is in the air. It is great that what got you out of your room is to observe our small piece nature at SES. You reminded me those birds are a symbol of hope for the future.


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