Year 2, #31


“Hey slicers!”  Peter quipped as Jess and I were walking in the building.

“Peter, can you please write a shorter slice!”  I sarcastically begged. “Your slices are not conducive to my breakfast reading.”

We laughed and talked “slice” as we walked down into school.

A few minutes later, Jess and I found ourselves standing in the hall and “slice” talk ensued again.  Leigh-ann came up from behind, and the blog reader she is, she knew we were talking “slice”.

“I don’t know how you two have time for all that!”  Leigh ann

Jess and I just looked at each other and said “I don’t know, we just do it.”  I think we both shared how we are constantly drafting in our heads to and from work.  “If you value it, you make time for it.”  Jess added.  “Yeah, Jess values it so much she can slice while sleeping in Adi’s bed, while cuddling Rose and slicing on her phone!”  We shared a laugh right there in the hallway.  The bell rang and we each went off to start our day.

It’s true.  If you value it, then you make time for it.  I value a my health.  I cook for myself and my family at home.  I get up at 4:45 to get to 5:30 Burn Boot Camp.  I value family.  I host Thanksgiving for 30 plus.  I head to Vermont whenever I can.

I value teacher as researcher.  I carry a journal into classrooms and sketch and write to validate and learn from the children.  I value  teacher as writer.  I write.

Thank you to every person who took the time to read my slices!  Your feedback always energized me to keep living like a writer.  Thank you to every slicer who wrote and published.  Reading your work has inspired me to see the possibilities in my own life.  Thank you to Stacey, Lanny, Kelsey, Melanie, Betsy, and Beth for their dedication to Two Writing Teachers and their belief that we can all live like writers.

9 thoughts on “Year 2, #31”

  1. I value you!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Truly- you love your work so much and you keep me going more than you know. I’m so grateful to have our real life community of writers and this virtual space to explore.

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  2. How wonderful to write with colleagues! We make time for what we value is one of my favorite reminders to my preservice teachers (and myself). I have been thinking this morning about how my writing routine tends to fall to the wayside once March is over. But I value writing. So I need to write. Thanks for putting this in language that speaks directly to my heart!

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  3. Hello Slicer! You made it. Congratulations. Now we have to coax our fourth and fifth graders through it. On Friday they were asking, “Is it okay if I write two slices on one day and then don’t write on another day?” I told them it was fine. You just try to actually post each one on a new day. I said that I’m rarely able to get ahead like that, but Mrs. Sherriff is different. She often has a few slices “in the bank,” as she puts it.

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  4. Yes, we make time for what we value and schedules are moral documents and if you must you can– all of that is true. Other parts of life slip a bit in March, but it’s so worth it. Your writing and insights were so fun to read all month. See you on Tuesdays!


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