What Happens When…


This afternoon five teachers sat in the toasty computer lab.  They came together because Monday is April 1.  Monday, April 1st, marks day one of the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge.

“We can have one “class”, one blog, called Saugatuck Slicers.  In that blog each 5th grader or 4th grader can have their own page and post.”  I stated, just to be sure, logistically, I understood our set up.

“Yup.”  Eric, our expert computer tech colleague responded.

“So we need to have a quick meeting with Peter’s class and the 4th graders from Jess’s class to explain and talk about feedback.”  Peter asked making sure we were all on the same page.

Coach Jess answered pretty quickly, “Let’s do it tomorrow.  Then we can hand out the permission slips and they can get started on Monday or even over the weekend.”

All heads nodded.  Fourth Grade Teacher Jess and I quickly arranged that I would come and get the slicers from her room at 12:55 to come down to the kick off meeting.

More logistics were quickly brought up, plans were made to handle those logistics.  Together we questioned and tackled it all.

I glanced down at my post it with various notes of things to do and said, “OK,  tomorrow, 12:55 down here in the lab.  We’ll tell our stories as blogger, set the expectation and excitement for them, they’ll set up their blogs and we’ll see what happens.”

Coach Jess, Fourth Grade Teacher Jess, Peter, Eric and I nodded in agreement.

As I was walking out of the building, I thought to myself, “What happens when a group of teachers offers the March Classroom Slice of Life up to students?”

I honestly don’t know what is going to happen, but I will be on the ready for what I, we, are about to learn from our Saugatuck Slicers.

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