A Proclamation



Ready for their small group, Lilly, Tommy, and Katherine sat around me.  “You all have your sound power and we need to keep that power activated by practicing.”  With that, we warmed up with a speed round of letter sounds.  We moved into a little word part power on dry erase boards and then we got straight into the book introduction.

You all know that when you are reading, you need to check the picture.  That’s your…”picture power” they all finished my sentence.

“You also know that you are the kinds of reader who use the first letter sound with the picture.  And you know that you are always thinking “What…makes…sense”  they joined in.

“In today’s book, when you are reading every word, you also need to make sure you check the first letter and the last letter!” 

I pulled out our book, The Sneeze and we took a sneak peak.  Together we gathered meaning through our conversation.  Periodically, I stopped to see if they could find the word to check the initial sound and the last sound.  “Alright, every one ready to read on their own? ” Heads nodded and hands reached for a copy book.  They were eager and ready to read.

I tucked Tommy off in little corner, Katherine backed herself out of the nook a bit and Lilly turned away from the group to have a little privacy.  I scooted close to Tommy, watched and listened as he pointed and read the words and the pictures.  I scooted over to Katherine and I watched as she did a little rereading to monitor.  Then, I scooted over and leaned into Lilly who was confidently pointing and reading each word, pausing when necessary, to check the first and last letter as well as the picture.

I made my way back around to each reader.  By the time I made my way back to Lilly, she was done.  She stood up and proclaimed to the everyone,  “That was good.  I’m going back to my spot to read this again so I can get really good at it.”

When a kindergarten reader who knew limited letter names and sounds in September proclaims she’s off to read to “get really good” you know your day if off to a good start!










9 thoughts on “A Proclamation”

  1. There is something so magical about watching these little minds think and grow. It never gets old. You captured that spark of joy and excitement- for student and teacher.


  2. Since my work is with older students, the work you’re doing with these little ones always seems so magical to me. It must be so gratifying to be laying the foundation for what will become one of the most important things these little humans will do across their lives- read! Love it when she says, “I’m going back to my spot to read this again so I can get really good at it.” You’ve taught her that reading is something we get good at with practice– what a gift!


  3. It sounds to me that those routines you have provided for these students have made the difference in their reading growth. Pat yourself on the back!
    Thanks for sharing this slice.


  4. Go Lilly! I agree with what Lanny said. There’s no telling what those kids will one day be reading and how it might change their life or the lives of others. They may not remember the day you’re recording here, but it certainly was an important day.


  5. I love this snapshot of your Kindergarten group. Lily warms my heart! They are all off to a good start, becoming readers. Each day is an adventure forward.


  6. Pure magic! Kindergarten students are the best! It is wonderful to observe the work of readers and those who are becoming readers. I love Lilly’s declaration! Your routines work their magic! A perfect photo for this wonderful post!


  7. How cool is it to watch little people put the whole reading process together and them proclaim that they’re going to work on getting really good at it. Love the peeks into the work you do. You capture the conversations and responses so well.


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