Unmentionable Update



On March 13 an unmentionable joined us for breakfast.  This guest had been hanging on the drying rack in the laundry room. Unmentionables hold their shape better and longer if they hang to dry.  Unmentionables and the dryer are not compatible.

“Why is there a bra on the table?”  Grace asked that morning.  She had missed the moment when the unmentionable landed on the table after falling out of the sweatshirt that Megan was folding.  The unmentionable was quite comfortable at breakfast that morning.

When I returned home from school that afternoon.  Megan and Grace were already home and the unmentionable had remained on the table.

I moved it before dinner.  I hung it on a railing thinking the owner would bring it upstairs.  I mean, who really wants their unmentionables out for viewing.

Apparently, the owner in this house does not mind.  The unmentionable is still hanging on the railing, ten days later.


The original blog post that captures the arrival of said unmentionable can be found here The Unmentionable

13 thoughts on “Unmentionable Update”

  1. Love the humor you bring out in this piece – repetition worked well for you. I have such a thing about when people don’t see what you leave on the stairs for them. They literally will work extra hard to step over stuff rather than bring it upstairs. Hopefully someone claims it soon!

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  2. I feel your pain. Objects, even unmentionables, become part of the scenery, unnoticeable except by “some people” (read you, yourself). I usually give in and remove it myself.

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  3. There are times when I’ve left unmentionables and others for as long as I’ve been able to stand it, and my tolerance fuse is always shorter than my daughters’. This is a fun strand to follow, especially with the humor that’s woven in!

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