I’m sitting here eating my salad.  Not my usual lunch.  I prefer leftovers.  When you spend the weekend in Vermont, there are no leftovers in the fridge.

I’m crunching away on my cucumbers and red peppers and mixed greens.  I’m saving the chicken for the end.  Best for last, right?  The dressing that I brought from home in a tiny Tupperware container is gone.  Right now, I wish I had more dressing or a piece of bread.  This salad is not stimulating my taste buds.  I love to eat. I like to feel satisfied at the end of a meal.  Satisfaction comes from flavor which stimulates the taste buds.

PEPPER!  I’ve got a can of pepper in my drawer!  That’s what this salad needs – Black Pepper.

I reach down, open my drawer and pull out my little can of Black Pepper. I generously sprinkle it on my salad. I take a bite.  “Now, that’s better.”  I can hear my taste buds saying.

I enjoy every last bite of peppery lettuce and chicken.  I am satisfied…till the next meal.

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