Hannah –

Today you turn 19.  You are there and we are here.

Over the past 19 years, I have learned so much from you.  I learned to be quiet and listen (OK, maybe still working on that one).  I learned it’s not always important to have the last word.  I learned to be a little bit more patient.

Last weekend, we skied together as a family. I hadn’t skied with you all season.  I img_3136watched as you sailed down each trail.  Effortless. Smooth.  I admired your expertise as I maneuvered my way down carefully avoiding any ice patches.  Your confidence clearly outweighed mine.

I admire, too, your independence as you take on college life and move into adulthood.  Your calls and face times and texts are full of your decisions and of course, your wit.  Your wit is admirable.

Having you home, I see a relaxed and light side of you.  Watching you get silly with Grace, or Megan, or Maci or all three.  I, of course, can’t help but admire it all.

I learned and now I admire.

I admire, you, Hannah, for who you are and who you are becoming.




5 thoughts on “32100”

  1. You gave her wings. I admire your ability to just admire now. Being a mom certainly does come with a lot of learning. I’m learning from you every day- your reassurance that this is all normal and it’s ok that it feels hard. This shows all of that- Happy birthday Hannah!


  2. We grow with our children for sure. They teach us plenty.
    This poem for Hannah says a lot about her and about your love for her. She knows.


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