We’ve been taking the ride on Rte 100 from Hancock, VT to Sugarbush Resort in Warren VT for more than 20 years.  Billy has been taking the ride since he was kid.  It’s a beautiful stretch of road.  Rte 100 takes you through the Mad River Valley.  You have to slow down as you pass through the small towns of Granville and Warren.  It’s breathtaking to take in the snow covered mountains and fields.  It’s peaceful to watch the river flow over the rocks and through the valley.

We’ve just piled in the beast and we are  ready to take the oh so familiar but never old trip through The Valley to The Bush.

“OK girls.”  Billy proclaims at 7:23 am.

No one responds.  Awake we are not.

“Coming up we will see the Taj Mahal, the Mount Rushmore, The Hoover Dam of beaver dams.”  His tone and voice are that of a proud tour guide.

No one responds.

“It’s coming up.  It’ll be out Mom’s side, girls.  Get your eyes ready for this great wonder.”  His tone is enticing the girls out of their sleepy state.”

“You’re too early, Dad.”  Hannah states matter of factly.  She knows the route as well as he does…maybe better.”

“Ya know.  Beavers are nature’s architects.  No, no.  Beavers are natures’ engineers.”  He continues to impart his knowledge and wit.

“Well, maybe there are architects and engineers.”  I join his narrative.

“Yes. Yes.  Maybe there are architects and engineers and construction workers and cooks to keep them all fed.”

The back of “the beast” remains quiet.

“OH!  Girls!  Here it comes, LOOK, there it is, the Beaver Dam of all beaver dams.”

Heads pop up and turn towards the dam and then they resume their positions against there respective head rests as we continue traveling Rte 100 to Sugarbush.



9 thoughts on “Dam”

  1. Billy reminded me of my dad in my post about the dishwasher. So much excitement! I’m glad the girls at least humored him by looking at the dam. I could tell Billy loves everything about this trip- you captured that.


  2. The line “you’re too early dad” took me right back to times when my dad would have us up on vacation early just to experience the day. My brother and I always felt the same as your girls, but we did humor him a little. I love how you used dialogue to capture this memory.


  3. That is an impress beaver dam! I used to play tour guide as I drove the bus with my FFA kids. I would usually use my Thai-English accent and tell them the stories our Thai tour guides and instructors would tell. Your slice is taking me back!


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