This week, I counted five plates as I set the table for dinner

and we made a reservation for five

This week, the dishwasher was full

and it took 5, not 4 minutes to unload in the dark of the morning

This week, I found wrappers on the couch as I sat to have my coffee in the dark of the early morning

and there were used glasses from the night before on the table

This week, our home was louder

and there was more laughter, more talk, more sillies

This week, random hugs were given and received’

and there were extra “I love you”s and kisses

This week, there was no need for a dog walker

and we left the heat on when we went off to work and school

This week Hannah was home from school, dance team practice was over

and we we were together as a family of five under one roof

This week we were all together

8 thoughts on “Five”

  1. Isn’t it THE best when everyone is back home. I always say I feel like I have all the limbs reconnected to my body when the whole family gathers – which happens less and less these days, but will happen soon!


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