Listening In


At this moment, Hannah and Megan are at the kitchen table.  I am sitting in the family room at the bar table which has become my writing spot for the month of March.  Megan has joined me here a few nights to work on her homework.  We work side by side, stopping occasionally for chit chat.

At this moment, Hannah is working on a prosthetic hand that she has brought home from school.  She designed it and printed it on a three-d printer.  It’s missing a thumb.  She’s developed a plan to create a thumb with fishing line and some sort of cord.  (At least that’s all I can gather, my brain does not work like a potential biomedical engineer).

At this moment, Megan is working on her 7 Healthy Habits project.  “Ahh, good ole Mrs. Bengemino!”  Hannah stops for some chit chat and connects her past to Megan’s present.

At this moment, Megan and Hannah are working side by side and I am her slicing about it.

At this moment I am listening in.

8 thoughts on “Listening In”

  1. At this moment I am writing a comment, and I hope that Megan and Hannah got some sleep. I like how this slice just grew right from the moment, through the ears and eyes of the writer/observer and onto the page. Plus, I know a very talented guy here in Fairfield who makes prosthetics for a living. Very cool work. He’s the father of one of Sarah’s friends. Let me know if Hannah the bio-engineer wants to meet him. Probably not what I should be writing in comments…nonetheless.


      1. This is an idea I’ve had. About commenting on real life or on here?!? I love how you captured this moment. The ordinary bits- made not so ordinary by the hand. I don’t think my brain works that way either.


  2. Cool post! Thanks for sharing. I have a connection. My 19 year old has much experience with 3-D printers and C&C machines. He started school last fall for engineering and has just “found” the fab lab at college. He is thrilled to have a place to continue to “invent.” Happy work time with your daughters!


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