The Deposit


“Meg, you wanna come?”  Grace’s asks Megan in a whimpish voice.  Megan, who is has become one with the couch and the blanket she’s under says, “Uh, no.”

“Where are you going?  You going to deposit those checks?”  I am seeking clarification as to why Grace is headed out, again.

“Yeah I need to put these checks in my account!  I have, like, no money.”

“Why do you want Megan to come?”  I ask.  Megan’s 13, how could she help?

“I’m scared.” Grace chuckles.  “I just want’ someone to come with me.

“Didn’t Daddy take you and show you how to do it?”

“Yeah he did.”  Grace says with doubt oozing from her voice.

“You can do it Grace.  Go ahead.”  I say from my comfy place on the couch.  A place I really don’t want to leave.

“Alright.  I’m going.”

She heads out.

The next morning.

“Hey Dad! Guess what I did!  I deposited my two checks all by myself!  I didn’t deposit this one because it read Gramma’s 75.00 as 25.00 and I didn’t want to get cheated so I cancelled the deposit and took the check back!”

“Way to go, Monkey.”

Seventeen and celebrating life skills.

5 thoughts on “The Deposit”

  1. All of those little steps toward independence. You’ve captured the 17 y.o. lack of confidence in life tasks. Great post.


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