A Knock at the Door

The table was cleared, the dishwasher loaded, the kitchen cleaned.

Billy had just grabbed the chrome book and settled down to look something up.

We heard what we thought was a knock at the door.  Maci barked and headed toward the door.  Megan, unsure about answering an unexpected knock at the door, looked at Billy and said “I’m not answering it.”

Billy headed toward the door and I heard “Oh, what a surprise, come in girls!”

I listen for voices and I turn my head from the couch to see Mia and Victoria!

“Hi Mrs. Sherriff!  Is Grace around?”  I notice they are still in their dance practice clothes.  Obviously, they haven’t been home yet.

“She’s here but she just got into the shower.  Hold on.  I’ll go let her know you are here.”

I head upstairs, knock on the bathroom door and tell Grace that Mia and Victoria are here.  Completely confused, Grace ask “Why?”  She just had a three hour dance practice with them!?  “Let me finish my shower and I’ll be right down.”

I head back downstairs and offer cupcakes and chocolate milk to our surprise visitors who made themselves at home around our table on a Monday night.  We chat a bit about the State’s competition and the upcoming Regionals competition until Grace appears fresh from the shower.

“Hey Grace!” Mia and Victoria say in unison.

“Hey.”  Still confused, Grace asks, “Why are you here?”

“Well we stopped at Lilly’s house to drop something off so we figured we’d stop by and see you.  I love dropping in and visiting people.”  Victoria said.

“We brought you an Oreo.”  Mia hands one lone Oreo to Grace.

Grace laughs at the random drop in and sits down, hair still dripping, to enjoy the company of her teammates, her friends.

Fairfield Warde Dance – 6 x CT State Champions in Large Hip Hop

7 thoughts on “A Knock at the Door”

  1. You’ve captured so much in this slice – the family dynamics, the bit of confusion, the lovely experience of someone who will just drop in and share an Oreo with a friend, and the final realization about the power of friendship.


  2. What I appreciate most in the scene is the spontaneity – just dropping in. Makes me think that we need much more of it in our overly-structured, “got no time for this” days. Thinking also how vital the bonds are – how teams like dance or band (for me, long ago, drama) impart an essential sense of belonging to young people in school. It’s how they learn to pull together, to make one’s individual best effort on behalf of the whole. It gives them focus and purpose and goals. The photo is great and congratulations to this team of amazing girls!


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