Pass The…

Hannah, Megan, Grace

“Can you pass me a napkin?”  Hannah asks as pizza cheese is oozing down her chin.

I look across the table to see if Megan is going to reach for a napkin to pass to Hannah.  What I see instead, is Megan, as she picks up her used, crumpled napkin and tosses it to Hannah, sitting beside her.

“Thanks.”  Hannah says nonchalantly, ignoring state of the passed napkin.  She dabs the  already used napkin on her face and wipes her chin.

With a sisterly, yet devilsh giggle, Megan says “Well, you asked for a napkin.”

“Can I have a piece of the salad pizza, Grace?”  I ask.

“You mean you want a piece of myyyyy salad pizza??”  The look in her sideways glance is as sarcastic as her tone.  Her smile tells the truth.  “I guess, I’ll share with you.”  She reaches for the pizza, carefully lifts it out of the box, balances it on her fork and places it on my plate.

“There ya go, MaaaaMaaa.  Enjoy myyyyy salad pizza.”  She can’t help but laugh at her own wit.

We go on eating.  I remain quiet as the three of them share in sillies, sarcasm, and sisterly sayings. I watch and melt as they loose themselves in the togetherness.  I just watch and feel the warmth of having them together.

Megan, Grace, Hannah






6 thoughts on “Pass The…”

  1. The sweetest. I know these moments…The ones that are seemingly ordinary but mean so much. I’m so glad you’re embracing your time with all of your girls under one roof again. ❤️


  2. Truly a “slice of life” (pun intended!) that communicates so much about your family’s sense of fun and togetherness. Thanks for the smile this morning!


  3. Dang, I was going to make the “slice” comment. I’d feel right at home with the humor at your table…but the germophobe in me…have H-M&G read the jcarey slice? or the superintendent’s flu memo!?


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