I’ve only been at the OLW way of life for two years.  I’ve found in the past two years that it can become a small compass that can guide some of the many decisions that come my way as a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a daughter, a person.

In 2017 I embraced doshare.  An idea girl by nature and a talker, I found myself being a bit reserved in situations when I knew I should have or could have shared.  When I coined the OLW, doshare, it was a reminder for me to let my ideas out, share them, and let them grow with others.

In 2018, reach, was my chosen word.  It came to me as I watched the amaryllis in my living room grow and change and reach towards the light.  It reminded me that I needed to keep reaching – reaching for connections, for stories, for books, for new recipes, for new experiences.  It reminded me that when I reach, I grow.

I’ve spent the last few weeks playing around with what my 2019 OLW could be.  Nothing felt quite right.  I let my mind and imagination continue to play.

I was walking the dog Sunday morning, enjoying every step.  There was a light snow falling, the temperature was a winter pleasant 32 degrees.  It was one of those moments that you are thankful just to be.  “Be?” I thought.  I tried it out.  I played with it.  I imagined it throughout the year.  With every step, I played some more.

be present”

be here”

be active”

be still”

be supportive”

be supported”.

As I played out all the possibilities that lie within the two letter word be, I began to feel it.  I appreciate the simplicity of the word itself and how it can morph into more when attached to another word.  A OLW that embodies possibility and guidance as the days of 2019 unfold.

be open”

be helpful”

be helped”

be faithful”

be collegial”

be there”

be in it”

be available”

be alive”

be me”



10 thoughts on “OLW”

  1. Happy New Year! I love BE and all that it can mean to your life. MY OLW is TIME because this year I turn 40, among other family milestones, and I am appreciating time as well as making time work for me- doing my best to achieve new goals and dreams. Hope BE brings you all good things.


  2. I like this word. Our class charter has as its heading, “Ways to Bee.” It fits with the hive motif. When I played baseball, we used to shout out “Way to be!” all the time. I never thought it sounded odd, but many years later, coaching at camp, I shouted my “go to” expression and it got a lot of strange looks, but then it caught on, first in a mocking way, I think, but then just by being. That’s just a long way of saying that I’m with you. There’s nothing more important than “being.”


  3. So much out of 2 letters. I especially like how you let the 2 letters add to make a long list. I think it will serve you well! I also enjoyed your reflection on your last 2 years. Thanks for sharing.


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