Monday Night Planting

it’s that time of year

the pool is open

the pots and garden need tending, we want to tend…


the bobos


the bagonias


the marigolds


it’s just the beginning

the tomatoes

big boy, san marzano, beef steak, and early girl

the parsley and basil

await their turn

there’s only so much we can do on a Monday night


6 thoughts on “Monday Night Planting”

  1. There’s only so much we can do on a Monday night…

    And you sliced! A jam packed day. The structure of your poem shows how you packed it all in. I can’t wait to see it all in bloom this summer!

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  2. I squeezed in my pre-Memorial day planting this weekend between raindrops. I know I’m not quite done so I too may need to squeeze in additional weeknight gardening so I can enjoy the beautiful yard this weekend!
    It’s all worth it!

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  3. Ah… My son did some planting for my last night… some flowers and some vegetables. Here’s hoping I can keep my thumb green all summer and enjoy the fruit of his labor.

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