Visions of a Coffee Drinker


Billy, my husband, has never been a coffee drinker. That is, until, until about 3 months ago.

He’s always loved the smell of coffee, but he’s never been a coffee drinker.

Suddenly, about two months ago, he said, “Can you make a pot of coffee?”

Now I ask “Hey, Billy, want a coffee from Dunkin?” or “Hey Billy, want a coffee from Starbucks?”

Last week, I brought him home a skim latte.  He loved it.

Now, on Thursday nights, when I know he is working from home the next day, I set pot of coffee to be brewed for the two of us.

He’s played around with how he will “take” his coffee.  He started with sugar and cream or milk.  Then he read that we should add cinnamon to the grounds.  We did.  It was good.  His latest recipe for a good ‘cup o’ joe’ is to replace the sugar with pure maple syrup.  This one has stuck.  On the mornings we have a pot, he pours his cup, places it on the island, adds a bit o’ milk, and then out comes the pure Vermont maple syrup.  Carefully her pours a drizzle or two in, gives it a stir, takes a sip, and lets out an “AHHH…soooo goood.”

Now this may seem like just a man growing and changing kinda slice.  But for me, it means a little bit more.

I have these visions of our future.  Some of them include skiing in Vermont mid week because that’s what retired people do.  Some of them include renting an RV and driving clear across the country stopping where ever we please.  Others include planting and tending a massive garden.  There’s even this vision, ok this one may be a dream, that we own a Christmas tree farm somewhere.

But there’s this one vision, I’ve always had.  It a simple one.  It’s the two of us sitting on a front porch or back patio sipping freshly brewed coffee together.  Up until three months ago,  I thought of my vision as whimsical.  Now that he’s a coffee drinker, I think I can see this vision a bit more clearly.


10 thoughts on “Visions of a Coffee Drinker”

  1. I love your visions of retirement, but the coffee on the porch or patio makes it all real. My husband and I share coffee and the NY Times crossword puzzle every day. He brews the coffee and I print the puzzle. Maybe you’ll have that tree farm too.


  2. Me too! The maple syrup idea is great! My daughter just created a coffee idea. Try putting a little cardamom in the cream. Yum! I love this writing – the new habit, the experimenting with different ways to drink coffee, and then the move to your visions of the future and time with this obviously lovely man on a porch somewhere (maybe overlooking your tree farm), sipping maple syrup filled cups of coffee. It made me want to retire (and pour another cup of coffee).

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  3. I love the mix of old habits, new changes and visions of things to come. And, as a non-coffee drinker who loves the smell of coffee (but not the taste) and a maple-syrup lover, I love the idea of sharing this slice with my own husband so that he can nourish his vision of our future – “sitting on a front porch or back patio sipping freshly brewed coffee together.”


  4. I love your future vision—and all the descriptions of how he has played around with the coffee made me feel as though I was along for the ride.


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