All of Us, All Day


We went skiing this weekend.  The whole family on the mountain.  It was a fabulous weekend of sun, snow, and smiles.

Friday night, we climbed into The Beast aka the Suburban.  Hannah and Grace took their places in the captains chairs while Megan got comfy in the third row.  She’s got it made back there.  The smallest kid with the most space.  “She’s so cute back there.”  Billy always says mid road trip.

Saturday morning, early to rise, we leave Debbie and PJ’s and head North on Rte 100 to Warren.  The clock in The Beast reads 7:09.  Might be our earliest departure yet.  We arrive at the mountain at 7:36.  We get a sweet front row spot.

We gear up and head up to the lodge.  This is my least favorite part of skiing.  Lugging our gear up to the lodge.

The snow that has fallen over the past two weeks has me working through the hard part.  I’m ready to feel the fresh powder beneath my skis.  I’m ready to feel the fresh air against my face, in my lungs.  After a winter of divide and conquer weekends. I’m ready to ski with my family….all day.


6 thoughts on “All of Us, All Day”

  1. My husband keeps pushing for us to get our kids on downhill skiis. Cross-country is more my speed right now. I’m too afraid of falling! I suppose if we’d been skiing more than once in the last 15 years I’d feel more confident. But your post has me thinking about how much fun it can be.


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