The Baby


Monday Night

“Is that Grace!  Is Grace home?  Does she have The Baby?”  Hannah yells as she comes running out of the family room into the kitchen.

“Hi girls!”  Billy announces.  He’s home.

“Oh.  It’s just Daddy.”

“Hi Dad.  I thought you were Grace.” she mutters as she returns to the family room.

No sooner does Billy take his coat off and settle in does the door open.

Grace is home.

Hannah comes running.

“DO YOU HAVE THE BABY?”  She yells as she abruptly stops her running feet.

Grace can’t even close the door.  Her shoulders are loaded – backpack, dance bag.  Her lunch box dangles from her hand and in her arms is a baby.  She kicks her foot back and closes the door.

“Grace has her baby!” Hannah shouts at Grace, as if Grace doesn’t know she has a baby.

“Can someone help me here?”

Hannah steps down and takes the baby.

“Use head support!” Grace instructs Hannah as she drops her bags and enters the kitchen.

“Mom, can you help me swaddle this thing?”

“You mean the baby.  What’s the baby’s name?”  I ask as I lay the baby down.

“Use head support!  Be careful!”  Grace chides me as if I don’t know?!?

“What’s her name?”  I ask again.  If  I’m welcoming a baby into our home, I should at least know her name.  Right.

“I don’t know.”  Grace is annoyed with the responsibility of having to name her baby.

I carefully swaddle the baby and place it back in her arms.

For the next twelve hours.  We have a baby in the house.

The Next Morning 

“Did you hear that baby last night?”  Billy asks first thing Saturday morning.

“Yup.  I heard it three times!”  I say. “Glad I didn’t have to get up!”

I go downstairs and as I am about to head into the bathroom, I see a lump on the couch and laundry basket with baby in it.

I head back to the kitchen to warn Billy.

“Shhh!  Grace is asleep on the couch and the baby’s in a basket.  Shhh, don’t wake the baby.”

Megan wakes up an hour or so later.

Billy and I say in unison as she enters the kitchen “Shhhh!  Don’t wake the baby.”

“Did you hear that baby all night?  It was so loud!”  Megan whispers with annoyance.

Megan shakes her head and makes her way to the couch.

We go about our morning while Grace sleeps on the couch with her baby in a basket.

As part of her Child Development class, Grace had to take care of a baby overnight. This baby cried and whined. Grace had to change her diaper and feed her. She finally named her, Olivia Ann when she had to complete the Real Care Baby Log.


6 thoughts on “The Baby”

  1. Great images and personalities in this piece. Billy’s not hurt by the “Oh it’s just Daddy” line. He’s used to it. This must have given you some amusing flash forward images for your future, eh? Sarah never had to do that. Perhaps we don’t think this way at a Catholic school…or perhaps they couldn’t afford a baby that cries at two-hour intervals.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great imagery! I really thought you had a baby in the house! Naming babies is hard. I can see why it would take so long to choose, even for a “fake” baby. I suppose the doll did it’s job if it kept it’s new mommy awake all night.

    Liked by 1 person

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