Stop and See: A SOL in Sketches

A glimpse into what I saw this week with a few playful thoughts.

IMG_5980.JPGTowels on a chair.  Washed, dried, folded.  Waiting.  IMG_5981.JPG

Sitting inside. Looking outside.  The slider door frames the growing poolside garden.


Big pot.  Little pot.  Big flowers.  Little flowers.  IMG_5983.JPG

Plants hold stories and memories.

IMG_5984.JPGIt’s all about the hair.

Bunting on the fence.


Towels and trees with a breeze.

If you stop, what will you see?  What words will you play with?

5 thoughts on “Stop and See: A SOL in Sketches”

  1. Very cool. I love that you take the time to sketch, observe… It strikes me as such a patient, deliberate, (dare I say ‘mindful’) act. On another note, my eyes are drawn to breeze lifting the one towel…

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  2. You reminded me to put my bunting up! I love sitting on the porch and watching it flutter and flap in the breeze. Gorgeous sketches of the simple joys in life often overlooked. A lovely reminder to slow down, so we don’t miss any of them.

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  3. What a great post in an unusual format. I have a son who loves to draw so it delighted me to see your week through your visualizations & sketches. I love the caption under the plants, “Plants hold stories and memories.” Yes, yes they do. Thank you!


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